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By ARAN member, Brian Ellis

Last night I watched the documentary, “The Cove”, it tells the story of dolphin trainer turned activist, Ric O’Barry and his fight to free captive dolphins and end dolphin hunts. O’Barry captured wild dolphins and trained them for the TV show “Flipper”. His experiences with these dolphins led him to the conclusion that it is wrong to imprison these magnificent animals, for any reason, especially human entertainment. Unlike many documentaries it is incredibly suspenseful and exciting, never dull. The film centers around the massive annual dolphin killing in Taiji, Japan and an activist team’s (including O’Barry) covert efforts to document this event. The footage they captured is absolutely horrifying and should compel you to want to do something to stop this atrocity. The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone concerned about animal rights/welfare.


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